The Traditional Healing  System
The System of alternative medicine in India relies on the curative powers of the ancient home grown remedies.


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Treating both the mind and body is what the alternative medical system concentrates on.

Although India has the latest and highly advanced research centers for modern medicine, the traditional system of naturopathy,   homeopathy, ayurveda, acupressure, acupuncture, and yoga etc. also have a very large following.

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Literally meaning the science of life, Ayurveda came to the fore around 600 BC. Unlike the modern systems of medicine, which concentrate only on the ailment, ayurveda deals with the body as a whole and its relationship with the natural environment and the cosmos. The basic premise on which ayurveda works is the prevention of disease, rather than its cure, though if disease does occur, it also cures it. Evolved as it has from an understanding of the laws of nature, the psyche, the conscious and the unconscious levels of the natural and social milieu, ayurveda places equal emphasis on the mind and body.

In practice since the time of the Aryans and the Dravidians, ayurveda today is finding new converts, not only amongst the general public but also from the medical fraternity for, not only does it cure the ailment but it also eliminates the toxins from the body. This further helps in regaining health and resistance. Among the states offering ayurvedic treatments, Kerala has taken a the lead with its Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Packages, specially designed for the tourists. Other states too are now following suit, particularly Rajasthan, which has a number of institutions specializing in the vedic sciences.

Among the major rejuvenation programs on offer, there is the rejuvenation therapy for skin-toning and tissue strengthening, a body immunization and longevity treatment which retards the aging process and arrests the degeneration of body cells, body sudation program whereby steam baths are used to eliminate body impurities, body slimming, beauty care, treatment of nasal and ear ailments, prevention of cataract and vision loss and treatment of sports injuries and wasting of muscles.

Therapeutic programs include treatment for chronic headaches, insomnia and even hallucination and insanity, alleviation of diseases like leukemia and osteoarthritis, treatment for dryness of nostrils, mouth and throat and even for facial paralysis, treatment for spondilosis and rheumatic diseases, as also for muscle-skeletal ailments which could either be due to trauma or accident.

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One of the more common healing methods is the massage, which is to a large extent, integrated into the ayurvedic rejuvenation therapies. An ancient tradition, a massage focuses on creating a sense of relaxation in a person. It works by reactivating the blood circulation in the system through a method of rubbing and kneading on the specified body part. It is this action which creates the frictional heat which stimulates the blood flow, reduces body fat, relaxes the muscles and thereby soothes the tired flesh.

One of the better known massages is the foot massage, specifically designed to obviate any weakness or restlessness. The method adopted is a gentle walk over your body by a masseur, holding a rope tied stretched above you, massaging the body with the feet. Also used in the process are herbal oils which aid in relaxing the muscles and tone up the body.

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Another traditional system of healing the mind and the body is yoga. Literally meaning union, yoga seeks to unite the individual soul with the Universal Soul or God, not through any religious rites but through a sustained effort to control one's mental and physical faculties.

While many view yoga as a spiritual experience, for most people yoga is a form of exercise that benefits much more in the longer run as compared to aerobics. While physically yoga helps in cleansing the body of toxins, muscle toning, improving blood circulation, correct body posture and the like, at the intellectual level it helps the practitioner transcend the unrealities of a worldly life and be in communion with the Supreme Being.

Usually practiced early in the morning, so as to derive maximum benefit of the clean air and the early rays of the rising sun, yogic exercises commence with deep breathing and are followed by the various asanas (postures) which deal with a specific ailment or part of the body. Regarded both as an art and a science, yoga recharges a person by dissipating the lethargy in the little used body parts, while at the same time instilling an inner calm in the person. It maybe noted here that since yogic exercises involve some difficult manoeuvres of the body parts, it is important that these be performed under the watchful eyes of a trained instructor.

Especially famous is the `fish treatment' of asthmatics in Hyderabad. This treatment involves the ingestion of a small, live fish in a particular season. The treatment is said to be very effective, and thousands of asthmatics head for Hyderabad during the seasons much so that a special train service to Hyderabad is provided at the time.
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