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One of the more fertile and thickly forested districts of Kerala, Palghat, is supposed to have derived its name from the `pala' (Alsteria scholaris) tree and `kadu' (forest). The whole area is said to have been once covered by pala trees. Known as `Palakkad',

the district is widely considered to be the granary of Kerala. Palghat is called the rice-bowl of Kerala because of the extensive paddy cultivation in the area. Kerala's longest river Bharathapuzha flows through the district. A landmark of the town is the ancient fort rebuilt by Hyder Ali in 1766.


The nearest airport to Palghat is Coimbatore, 55 km away. To the south is Cochin Airport, 160 km away and Thiruvananthapuram International Airport 382 km away.

Palghat is also connected by good motorable roads to all the major towns of Kerala.


Hyder Ali's fort built in 1766 A.D., Jain Temple at Jainamedu, and Kalpathy Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva built in 1425 A. D.


Nelliampathy (forest range, 75 km), Malampuzha (a scenic spot, 14 km), Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary

(49 km), Silent Valley National Park (86 km), and Thrithala (ruins of a large fort supposed to display Buddhist influence and was probably built in the 9th or 10th century).


Hotel Indraprastha (3-star), English Church Road. Phones: 534641 (7 lines); Cable: EYEPEE; Fax: 0491-534645.

Hotel Fort Palace, West Fort Road. Phone: 534621; Fax: 534625.

Garden House (KTDC), Malampuzha. Phones: 815217, 815191.

Walayar Motels, Kanjikode. Phones: 0491-566312, 566101, 567201.

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